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SierTek Ltd. is seeking a Web Developer to support an opportunity at Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio (Full-Time Telework).

Position Overview

USAFSAM provides data and services to globally distributed customers through the Human Performance Wing Support System (HPWS). HPWS is a Web application that serves over 2.4 million views yearly to Air Force and other DoD users worldwide. HPWS is maintained at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio by the HPWS Program Office (711 HPW/OMCI). The HPWS Program Office utilizes contract developer support to maintain and enhance software modules within the system. The Web Developer will provide software support for USAFSAM modules within HPWS.

Essential Job Functions

Write web application code using Adobe ColdFusion, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, to create new USAFSAM modules or to enhance existing USAFSAM modules within HPWS.
Web developers who are new to HPWS shall be required to complete a two to four-week orientation & training period to introduce them to the HPWS application framework. This training period will include a training project where the Web developer shall be required to demonstrate their skills and technical ability.

Interact with USAFSAM and the HPWS Program Office to understand technical requirements for HPWS Web Development projects.

Participate in the creation of technical documentation for USAFSAM modules within HPWS. This includes writing functional requirements documents, system design documents, relational database diagrams (ERDs), test plans, deployment plans, training material, and other project management artifacts.

Produce new capabilities within HPWS, based upon information contained within design specifications provided by USAFSAM and the HPWS Program Office.

Produce training content for USAFSAM web application screens in HPWS, as well as conducting in-person training for end users if needed.

Participate in regularly scheduled and ad hoc project meetings with USAFSAM and the HPWS Program Office. These may be in person, over the telephone, or using AF-approved virtual meeting software (DAF365 Microsoft Teams).

Communicate project status weekly to USAFSAM stakeholders and project management personnel in person, via email, and using government-proscribed tools and documentation.

Complete USAFSAM Web development projects in HPWS that comply with existing coding standards, design styles, and project management methodologies for all projects within the HPWS System.

Support 508 Accessibility standards (W3C WCAG 2.0) in the design, production, and maintenance of all user interfaces for USAFSAM in HPWS.

Implement secure Web development practices that are in alignment with the Risk Management Framework (RMF) Certification & Accreditation of the HPWS application.

Complete government-furnished training on operational security, information assurance, Privacy Act, and records management.
The Web developer shall be available for work during the core working hours of 0900-1500 EST, M-F, except Federal holidays, unless stipulated otherwise by the HPWS Program Office. Regardless of contractor’s preferred daily start and end times, they must be working and available to USAFSAM and the HPWS Program Office during those core hours. This means being online and responsive to voice communication, instant messages, and email.

The Web developer must be available for scheduled and ad hoc meetings and tele-conferences via DAF365 Microsoft Teams during core working hours. Work schedules will not exceed 40 hours per week.

Web developers who are teleworking must use both Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook (DAF365 environment) for daily (weekdays) communication with HPWS Program Office staff and the HPWS Web development team. For scheduled meetings over Microsoft Teams or Zoom, cameras must be on while speaking, where bandwidth allows.

Web developers who are teleworking will perform all work on government-furnished equipment.

Employees who are teleworking will be required to supply their own Internet bandwidth in order establish a VPN (virtual private network) connection to the AF network (AFNET).

No work performed by the Web developer on government-furnished equipment can be completed without first establishing a VPN connection using an AF VPN client.

Government-furnished equipment is to be used for official US government purposes only. No work will be performed on privately-owned equipment.

Web developers who are teleworking will be allowed to connect privately-owned monitors to their government-furnished laptops if desired. Privately-owned peripheral devices that connect wirelessly, such as Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice, are not permitted to be connected to government-furnished equipment. Privately-owned wired keyboards and computer mice are allowed if they do not contain any onboard memory. Privately-owned headsets may be connected to government-furnished equipment via the 3.5mm audio port only. Government-furnished USB headsets are also permitted. No other peripheral devices may be connected to government-furnished equipment without official authorization from OMC IT Operations.

Employees who are teleworking shall not be permitted to print government information or materials on privately-owned printers. No privately-owned printer may be connected to government-furnished equipment, either wirelessly or through a hard-wired connection.

Government information and materials are not permitted to be stored on privately-owned, peripheral storage media such as CDs, DVDs, and USB-connected devices. At no time may non-government-approved storage devices such as optical drives, SSD drives or portable hard disks be connected to government equipment.

Minimum Educational Requirements (one of the following):
B.S. in Computer Science and 5 years relevant work experience
Any Bachelor’s Degree and 6 years relevant work experience
Any post-secondary education and 8 years relevant work experience
Experience creating Web applications using Adobe ColdFusion (or similar web development language), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
Experience working with enterprise level relational database systems such as Oracle and/or SQL Server. This experience should include writing and understanding complex SQL queries, stored procedures, and general experience with DBMS procedural language, such as PL/SQL or Transact SQL.
Experience designing and understanding relational database models. This includes experience creating database objects, such as tables, views, sequences, and triggers.
Experience reading, understanding, and creating database procedural logic using stored procedures and functions.
Experience performing system analysis & design, and the production technical documentation.

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