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SierTeK Ltd. is seeking (4) FTE Instructors to support an opportunity for Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio.

Position Overview:

In support of the USAFSAM, the Instructor shall provide assistance to the EN Route Care training Department (ET) to support the courses and programs within the organization.

Essential Job Functions

The Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) Training Instructor will be the primary instructor for USAFSAM Flight Nurse (FN) and Air Evacuation Technician (AET) course working with a team of instructors from across the Schoolhouse. The instructor is skilled in actions related to course material delivery requirements in an online environment. The instructor will provide subject matter expertise in managing and developing curriculum for synchronous and asynchronous delivery.

The instructor will instruct in all current and future Flight Nurse (FN) and Air Evacuation Technician (AET) courses independently as well as assisting other instructors during their lessons. In addition, they will collaborate and coordinate with other instructors or sections on day-to-day tasks such as preparing the room (on-premises and virtual) for instruction, testing equipment for proper operation, and serve as a student mentor/coach while class is in session. Instructor must maintain subject matter knowledge of course material by receiving an overall rating of “Excellent” on instructor evaluations. Be able to increase student learning through development of a relevant progressive curriculum, designing effective learning strategies and environments, delivering instruction of high quality, and advising students. Comply with all institutional, accrediting, and regulatory agency policies and procedures. Must attend and participate in training and meetings as directed by the course director or technical advisor.

Maintains an extensive knowledge of Aircrew Training systems (ATS) capabilities and functions, prepares mission profiles to support course objectives, and formulates quality control procedures to standardize training and evaluation.

Knowledge and skill gained through experience and training as an Aeromedical Crew
Member is essential in demonstrating patient care and performing duties from the simulator ATS Instructor Operating Station (IOS).

Instructs students on the basic skills involved in aircraft identification, to the more advanced Mission Designated Series egress, emergency procedures, configuration, and electrical and oxygen capabilities.

Responsible for ensuring students completely grasp aircraft operating capabilities and limitations, procedures for handling emergencies (flight and ground).

Instructs AE equipment placement, as well as equipment interface capabilities with the aircraft electrical and oxygen system.

Checks student performance of objectives, tailoring approaches and techniques to student needs. Observes student classroom activities and participation.

Evaluate student performance in achieving objectives, discusses level of performance with the student, and counsels’ individuals on attainment of specified standards or to identify and resolve problems.

Utilize measurement devices, provide feedback, recommends special study for students when needed, and identifies outstanding performance for special recognition.

Maintain a complete, up-to-date set of aircrew publications consistent with that required of the active-duty flight instructors. The instructor must have a complete and thorough knowledge of all material in these flying publications.

Interact with course director(s) and others, such as course developers, registrar personnel, testing and evaluation personnel, and/or faculty development personnel to ensure the integrity of the program. Assist course director(s) by researching and drafting course documents, such as agendas, lesson plans, presentations, and other associated administrative documents. Advise course director, assists in responding to and resolving student issues, and elevate program administrative problems. Provide End of Course (EOC) feedback that shall be utilized for course improvement.
Assist with answering student questions. Assist with attendance, class roster, completion and/or coordination of course graduation activities. Assist in development of student resource materials to include locally developed, and externally provided.

Will conduct faculty evaluations in support of the Standards and Evaluations program. When not supporting Faculty Development courses, will assist with other mission-related duties as assigned. Facilitate printing/supply orders. May assist in tracking student prerequisites and resolving issues prior to student arrival. Maintain accurate attendance records and call on or follow-up with absent students.

Will perform other educational related activities as assigned by the technical advisor.

Conduct or assist course director with annual course schedule and coordinate with Registrar Division personnel for individual student scheduling. Update course schedules as needed. Collaborate with registrar personnel to reserve classroom and testing bays as needed by the course.

Assist Students with course orientation activities on day one of training, including network access, issuance of student resource materials, leadership welcome briefings, and tours. Provide information, support and problem solving for students on a wide range of issues.

Requires an Associate’s degree and at least 2 years of teaching experience.
Previous Aircrew Training systems teaching experience.
Must be a qualified Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) instructor. Previous CCAF instructor experience with ability to qualify as a returning instructor applies.
Must attend or have completed Basic Instructor Course (BIC) and all requirements associated with certification prior to course instruction.
Knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and delivery principles is mandatory. Knowledge of CCAF curriculum and instructor requirements is required.
Instructors shall be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and able to incorporate programs to include Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word.
Excellent interpersonal skills are required. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required.
Must have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place with their company.
Must be able to obtain a NACI (Tier 1) DoD clearance.
Bachelor’s degree or higher in an education related field. (Highly Desired)
Master Instructor certification and/or 250+ teaching hours. (Highly Desired)

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