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SierTek Ltd. is seeking an Instructional Systems Designer to support an opportunity for Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio.

Position Overview:

The Instructional systems designer will provide support to the Academic Development Branch (USAFSAM/EDED) to support the graphics, media, and video production for the courses and programs within the organization.

Essential Job Functions

Provide educational expertise in the creation of multimedia, graphics, or media projects in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SME), Project/productions Manager, and Production Team.

Recommend instructional platforms, instructional media, development tools, and delivery methods to satisfy training requirements for any programs or classes assigned.

Add, manage, and perform testing of online courseware and complete a comprehensive report on the data gathered and offer recommendations for training improvements.

Create training plans and conduct or provide guidance in conducting the validation phase of the ISD process to ensure effectiveness in meeting of course objectives and required proficiency levels for newly implemented courses.

Perform administrative activities including correcting grammar spelling, syntax, and formatting to accurately, prepare, review, and edit written curriculum and updating files and records.

Participate and support educational related activities. Projects may include office continuity design, aiding the departments with online/e-learning tasks (if the project is for a course must be a collaborative effort between Department Instructional Systems Specialist, production manager, Subject Matter Expert (SME), and Course Director) and USAFSAM specific curriculum guidance creation.

Apply all components of the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) Instructional Systems Design model.

Design all training materials, including, but not limited to: effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts and video scripts.
Attend all meetings.

Utilize all software tools provided by the government as necessary and dictated by the Technical Advisor.

Analyze student feedback from end-of-course evaluations and field surveys to assess the effectiveness of technical inserts.

Provide written recommendations to the EDED Branch Chief and/ or applicable USAFSAM Branch Chief and customer for improving the courseware using ISD principals.

Receive and clarify project request from customer, coordinate project scope meetings, determine appropriate product(s), storyboard projects, determine content reviews with the customers, and obtain the required approvals for final course delivery.

Provide consultation and validation of educational content and delivery throughout all phases of USAFSAM multimedia development. Ensure the products leaving USAFSAM are educationally sound.

Professionally and technically qualified with a minimum bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Educational Design or (5) years applied experience in Instructional Systems Design (ISD) techniques and related discipline that includes demonstrated experience in two of the four.

Experience and knowledge of learning theory, psychology of learning, educational psychology: study of learning theories as they relate to the systematic design, creation, and validation of instructional material.

Experience and knowledge of instructional design practices: study of principal and techniques used in designing training programs, building design strategy and models, and applying design methods to the improvement of instructional effectiveness.
Proficiency in current technologies that are sued to develop cutting edge educational materials. Expertise should include (but not limited to) technologies such as Adobe Captivate, packaging and delivering Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) packages, gaming, 3D modeling, virtual reality and simulation.

Extensive experience in organizational skills and the ability to work independently and have strong interpersonal skills.

Ability to think critically, problem solve and effectively communicate through both writing and speech.

Proficient at filing, organization, communications, and typing skills as well as extensive experience with the use of Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Adobe Acrobat Programs.

Experience in study of techniques appropriate for creating training materials, including identifying learner characteristics, specifying objectives, applying training strategy, validating training materials, and assessing training.

Experience in rating the effectiveness of instructional/ educational programs, including creating written and performance tests and survey instruments, and determining reliability and validity of designed instruments.

Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Educations Design, or related discipline (Highly desired).
Must be able to obtain a NACI (Tier 1) DoD clearance.

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