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SierTek Ltd. is seeking an Epidemiologist to support an opportunity at Wright Patterson, AFB, Dayton, Ohio (On-Site).


Position Overview

The 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW), headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, is the first human-centric warfare wing to consolidate human performance research, education and consultation under a single organization. Established under the Air Force Research Laboratory, the 711 HPW is comprised of the Airman Systems Directorate (RH) and the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM). The Wing delivers unparalleled capability to the Air Force through a combination of world class infrastructure and expertise of its diverse workforce of military, civilian and contractor personnel encompassing 75 occupational specialties including science and engineering, occupational health and safety, medical professions, technicians, educators, and business operations and support.

Essential Job Functions

Provide assistance with consultative support to USAFSAM/PHR on outbreak investigations and data requests.

Support field unit requests for consultations and analysis of specific issues when tasked by USAFSAM/PHR.

Contribute to the field units through active participation in professional conferences, creating and presenting training material, and publications of peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Assess and monitor the health status of the USAF population by analyzing surveillance databases to include ESSENCE, AFDRSi, and EIDS M2 and provide feedback, support and quality control, and administrative maintenance associated with these data systems.

Assist in the drafting of written communication for internal and external purposes.

Assist and advise military team leaders on outbreak investigations and coordinate novel public health research.

Perform data collection in support of USAFSAM/PHR’s mission.

Assist health surveillance data. Entry and information requests for users/customers requesting data and/or data-related support services (e.g. data analysis, data interpretation, report generation) and provide input on data systems design, upgrading, and integration.

Participate in collaborative efforts to increase data sharing capabilities and surveillance partnerships with base-level users and other principal stakeholders in the USAFSAM/PHR surveillance systems.
Become familiar with USAFSAM/PHR data repositories that are stored in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle relational databases.

Collect data from various databases as well as other relevant information as presented in various formats on the USAFSAM/PHR dynamic webpages.

Establish the relationship of available data to existing data sets, map the data between data elements and code for these specific data elements, establish data storage architecture requirements, and create a comprehensive data dictionary.

Provide assistance to USAFSAM/PHR data users in producing timely and accurate routine and ad hoc reports, special study methods, institutional review board (IRB) proposals and surveillance protocols.

Assist in prioritizing research areas, work with base-level, MAJCOM and Air Force-level personnel in determining which health issues among AF members require future study, for the purpose of prioritization of these research efforts.

Create research protocols for prioritized research areas including Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative training and submit these protocols to the appropriate IRB.

Coordinate with appropriate personnel at the identified research location site; generate summary reports of findings for base-level personnel, USAFSAM/PHR, the MAJCOM, Air Force Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA), and the Defense Health Agency (DHA).

Assist in the design and maintain data management protocols and policies for USAFSAM/PHR surveillance reporting and special projects.

Identify and recommend improvements for existing data collection/management, and designs requirements/protocols for new systems.

Assist in the drafting of written communication for internal and external purposes and support other USAFSAM /PHR programs.

Provide conference support assistance by active participation in professional conferences, preparation of posters and presentations to be presented by USAFSAM/PHR personnel, and publication of peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Brief research findings at appropriate meetings or forums as determined by the Government.

Provide technical automation support for all versions of MS Windows, Microsoft Office (e.g., MS Access, MS Excel, MS Publisher), MS SQL, and Adobe.

Provide data creation and administration in support of USAFSAM/PHR’s analytical capabilities.

Document products for the actual computer code used in order for government personnel to access these files for review approval or for generating copies as required. All requirements shall be prepared in accordance with USAFSAM programming standards and standard commercial practices inclusive of any/all procedures implanted as part of this task.

Incorporate permanent reports into a menu driven format to allow transparent user manipulation or reproduction of these reports, including formatting macros.

Build training materials in the fields of public health and epidemiology and provide training workshops which focus on epidemiology or surveillance related subjects at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine.

Provide training to USAFSAM/PHR personnel on all data products created.
Educate USAFSAM students, and others as appropriate.

Provide advisory and assistance support to USAFSAM/PHR on outbreak investigations, library research and special data requests.

Minimum Position Requirements

Possess a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics or other master’s level degree as approved by USAFSAM/PHR and strong knowledge of epidemiology, biostatistics and public health.

Be current in Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training to be able to access and process identified medical data.

Possess the expertise and capability to utilize the following health surveillance systems: Air Force Disease Reporting Surveillance internet (AFDRSi), Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics (ESSENCE), Air Force Mortality Registry, Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System - Hearing Conservation (DOEHRS-HC), the Executive Information Decision and Support Data Mart (EIDS M2), Standard Ambulatory Disease Registry (SADR), Standard Inpatient Disease Registry (SIDR), and Aeromedical Services Information Management System (ASIMS).

Possess the expertise and capability to utilize the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) and Health Level 7 (HL7).

Possess expertise in descriptive statistics, Rapid SQL, MS Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, as well as SAS/SAS Enterprise Guide and at least knowledgeable with R, STATA, and/or SPSS statistical software.

Be proficient in granting access to the above-mentioned surveillance systems/applications to authorized users, as well as ensure data maintained within the systems/applications are current, accurate, and edit said information as needed/requested by customers.

Possess advanced analytical skills in public health/epidemiology and epidemiological study design and execution.

Be current in Scientific and Technical Information (STINFO) training.
Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement i

n place. This is necessary in order to mitigate transfer of any confidential, proprietary and/or sensitive information while in this position.

Ability to pass a Tier I background check.
Highly Desired Qualifications.

Possess board certification in Public Health.

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