Data Quality Support Specialist

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SierTeK Ltd. is seeking a Data Quality Support Specialist to support an opportunity at Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio (Full-Time Telework).

Position Overview:

The Data Quality Support Specialist shall provide professional studies, analyses and recommendations, engineering, technical, and scientific support to improve the quality of Occupational and Environmental Health data across the Air Force and Department of Defense. Work products will directly benefit Aerospace and Operational Medicine Enterprise (AOME) teams at DoD installations worldwide, higher headquarters personnel, and supported line mission partners seeking to improve the quality of health risk assessments, achieve compliance with regulatory requirements, reduce health risk, and accurately incorporate OEH hazard documentation into Individual Long-Term Exposure Records (ILER).

Essential Job Functions

Assess Air Force and other DoD department installation OEH programs to identify trends, outliers, and data quality and performance gaps that adversely impact enterprise-wide senior-level messaging needed to prioritize and mitigate health risk.
Design, document, communicate, and review technical guidance and courses of action (COAs) intended to improve OEH data quality and program performance, written at both a tactical and strategic level for use by installation OEH professionals and higher headquarters line and medical leadership.
Directly support installation-level data revision, as required, to mitigate data quality and performance gaps that adversely impact enterprise-wide analytics and related messaging.
Coordinate and collaborate with Air Force/DoD leaders to mitigate specific data quality and performance gaps to improve program execution and bolster enterprise-wide analytics and related messaging.
Propose additional data analytics and graphical visualizations needed to improve data quality and program performance.
Support development of OEH Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics (GOST) and draft input for OEH Program Management Reviews (PMRs) in support of AF and DoD organizations.
Coordinate and meet at least once every two weeks with the USAFSAM/OET customer to provide a summary of work accomplished and project future goals.

Minimum Position Requirements

Possess a minimum of a Master’s degree in Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Science, Occupational Health, or a related field.
Demonstrate a minimum of 5 years of direct experience using DOEHRS-IH and Business Objects to document and conduct OEH health risk assessments and conduct data quality / program performance reviews.
Demonstrate a minimum of 10 years of experience conducting Health Risk Assessments and managing/implementing Occupational and Environmental Health Programs in the Department of Defense.
Demonstrate strong data analytical skills and experience using related software such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Python, Power BI, SharePoint, or other similar tools to identify and assess OEH data.
Strong written and verbal communication skills appropriate for authoring and conveying identified data quality gaps and risk levels to senior Air Force and DoD leaders, and for drafting technical procedures to close identified gaps.
Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
Highly Desired Qualifications

Demonstrate work experience directly supporting AF or DoD OEH risk assessments as a member of a MAJCOM, COCOM, or HAF/DoD staff.
Demonstrate 15 years of experience collecting, analyzing, and communicating Air Force-specific OEH health risk assessment data.
Demonstrate 2 or more years of experience using Tableau, Tableau Prep Builder, Microsoft Excel, Python, BusinessObjects, or other similar tools used to assess, interpret, and convey OEH data quality and program performance to end users and senior leaders.
Familiarity with the DOEHRS IH-RAM (Risk or Routine Assessment Methodology) to improve the quality of exposure & risk assessment data.

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