Process Technician


Job Title: Process Technician
Duration: 6 -12 months
Location: 12201 S. Torrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60617
Hours: 5am to 5pm/ 5pm to 5am two weeks on days followed by two weeks on nights and so on. They will work 36 hours one week and 48 hours the next plus any overtime that they pick up.
Work schedule: Work Tuesday and Wednesday, off on Thursday and Friday, then work Saturday through Monday, then off Tuesday and Wednesday, work Thursday and Friday then off Saturday through Monday and return to work Tuesday on the opposite shift (if they were working nights, they would go to days, and if they were working days then they go to nights )
Dress Code: steel toe shoes, pants and long sleeve shirt

Job Description:
This position will work as Process Technicians in the East Department and will be responsible for simultaneously operating multiple batch chemical reactors, a bulk powder pneumatic conveying system, vacuum systems, filtration systems, a continuous distillation process, a thermal oxidizer, and a boiler. They will oversee the loading and unloading of railcars and bulk trucks, as well as running quality and analytical testing on in-process and finished product in the Laboratory. They will also perform a variety of departmental administrative activates as needed.

  • The Process Technician will work closely with the production supervisory. The process technician will run analytical tests on in-process and finished product in the laboratory. It is expected that the technician is capable of being trained to fulfill a variety of job roles. Key attributes of the successful candidate are a strong commitment to the customer, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) excellence and quality production.
  • The plant consists of semi-automated batch reactors. Technicians will be required to work on a rotating shift basis. Because of the potential exposure to chemicals, PPE issued for the position includes respirators, chemical resistant clothing, eye protection goggles, safety glasses, and chemical resistant boots. The plant is also set up with tanks and equipment outside, so this position will spend time in all different types of weather.

Typical day consist of operating 3 reactors and off load and load, monitor and troubleshoot other reactors and maintenance of the machines in the area.

Principal Accountabilities
- Monitor all critical operating parameters and make adjustments to the processes as necessary
- Safely handle (loading and unloading of bulk trucks, totes and drums) hazardous chemicals including methanol,
flouroboric acid, organic acids, and combustible dusts
- Follow safe operating procedures and review and offer updates as necessary
- Perform laboratory analysis including wet chemistry and physical property testing
- Perform basic department administration including production and analytical entry
- Coordinate contractor and maintenance activities including safe work permits and LOTO
- Manage department raw material, finished product, and supplies inventory

Ideally candidate must have:
Chemical Operator experience work with chemical reactors

  • Analytical Skills
  • Familiarity with computers and process control systems
  • Ability to climb stairs and ladders multiple times per shift
  • Manual dexterity to work with laboratory equipment
  • Ability to safely lift and carry 55 lbs. bags or hoses
  • Ability to maneuver 600 lbs. drums with the assistance of a drum handler
  • Ability to maneuver 2200 lbs. pallets with a pallet jack and a forklift

Required Qualifications:
Ideal candidate has previous chemical operator experience working with chemical reactors.
Candidate must possess one of the following education qualifications:
Min. Chemical Process degree through a vocational or technical school
Min. Completion of a Technical Certificate program
Min. Associate's Degree from an accredited university or equivalent progress toward a higher degree
Min. Completion of military training in a technical role

Preferred experience:
3 years of experience on a chemical processing environment
Some experience in a bath chemical operation



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