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Opening for General Manager of our Service Business; Experience in hospitality, Restaurant or similar Service Business Helpful. The GENERAL MANAGER will work in collaboration with our Business Administrator; and also be responsible for Commercial sales and service coordination; oversee 20-25 people. (15-20 field technicians and 4-5 in the office). This is a Leadership position in the company. The GM would be a member of our Leadership team and report to, and be a part of, the Executive Committee comprised of the Owners (2), the Business Manager and themselves. We have extensive COVID 19 protocols in place.CDC recommendations PLUS individual offices, HEPA air scrubbers at every workstation, UVC lights and photocatalytic air purifier in HVAC system. Restricted access to office, zoom meetings. Sanitizers and N-95 masks are available when needed. Culture: Safety and Integrity. Caring like a family, sometimes to a fault. Hig Customer Service. Always Do the Right Thing. Problem Solvers. Attention to Detail. Individuals with high standards working together in a caring environment, we don t always get it right, but we are still trying. Forgiving. Honest. Corporate systems and structure combined with a Caring heart. * Schedule: Monday through Friday. 50-hour week. 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No weekends or Holidays. * Compensation: Starting pay 70-100k depending on past experience, plus bonus based on shares of net profit. Both men and women are encouraged to apply. Benefits: BCBS Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, Vacation, etc. * Service Industry. Window Cleaning is mostly contracted repeat work that makes people happy. We service all types of clients; commercial buildings, high-rise, homes, small storefronts and restaurants. Over 40 years of service in the Lansing area. The owners live 100 miles away and are not involved in the day-to-day operations. 75% of teh Employees have long experience from 33 years to 5 years. * Who would enjoy this Opportunity? Someone with experience in Restaurant or other Hospitality business should have experience and skills that cross over well. One who has proven they can make things happen and can coordinate all areas to run as a smooth oiled machine. One who enjoys creating and maintaining systems to proactively prevent most issues before they arise or correct process to resolve issues? You can add you experience and training to our 40 years of proven consistent and growing success and systems and happy clients making this opportunity 100 times more rewarding. But business is never easy. Key Responsibilities; 1. Business Development. (80% of our work is usually repeat customers), this would include personal efforts plus encouraging / motivating others in the company to make take advantage of opportunities to build business. . For the last few years commercial sales has been done by a technician who worked in the field and then 25 hours a week in the office. This can be 100% telephone and email. 80% of this involves follow up with past customers; returning calls scheduling work. 20% should be focused developing new customers. Job Pricing/estimates would be done by those experienced in Technical work. 2. People. Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching; Bring together as a cohesive team. Someone who is not afraid to deal with things, yet sensitive enough to keep everyone s ego intact and help each person volunteer their be self. Through training and retraining or the right word at the right time. 3. Coordinate the departments. To help them work together. We are a small seasonal business, so there are times we have too much to do, times certain people do not have enough to do, that adjustment to stay ahead of the game, and productive is difficult. Coordinate job roles so areas of responsibility and authority are easily understood. 4. Spend time on the front line; Clean windows. Window cleaning is a bit aerobic, coupled with hand eye coordination.. Nothing will enable one to learn what we do and our people that do it better than going out and working in the front line with the working side-by-side. We anticipate about 10 hours a week in the field for at least one s first year. Yo will need to be disciplined and physically fit (athletic) enough to perform some aerobic type work and climb ladders. Hand-eye coordination is also very helpful. Having played and coached some type of sport in one s background would be very useful.. Does this position match you and your skills? Questions we will ask you; 1. Have you been a General Manager or similar in the Hospitality or Restaurant Industry? Or any industry that deals with many customers to make happy, and many employees who are entrusted with making them happy. Have you managed 50 -100 people? Perhaps seeing some only once a week or less? All workers are off site, so it is like managing a larger team. 2. Have you had Sales experience and Enjoy closing deals? 3. Can you do detailed Administrative Work successfully, Sales and otherwise? 4. Can you lead, manage an office team and hold them accountable? 5. Are you an Athlete? Do you currently get regular exercise? 6. Are you tough? Tough enough to work outside 10 hours a week in all sorts of weather? 7. How do you educate yourself and improve? 8. Are you accustomed to working with P&L s and other financials do you relate well to and grasp numbers / math? 9. Are you accustomed to job costing? 10. How do you motivate and encourage others? 11. Are you sensitive enough to care about others feelings, yet mature enough not get caught up in your own emotions? 12. Can you prioritize and find the 80/20 rule in most situations? Please note: we are a non-smoking and drug-free workplace. If you choose to use Tobacco or Marijuana please do not apply. To Be considered for this position; * Please send a customized cover letter and explain why you are interested in this position and why you feel it may be a good for all of us. Plus, of course, your resume; to Show moreShow less

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